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AglioMania (GarlicMania) refers to TulipoMania that took place in the early 17th century Netherlands. During this time, tulip bulbs were traded for enormous prices and eventually crashed , thus the term bubble economy. AglioMania re-enacts the maniac trading phenomena with garlic produced in Italy during the 6 weeks of "Enterprise of Art" exhibition at Palazzo delle Arti Napoli.

8 garlic bulbs collected from local farmers are framed as art objects and put on display. Each garlic bulb with a specific name enters the bidding market where Aglio Mille (garlic 1000 Lire) is the currency. A bidding system is established for the web and the gallery. The public issued with Aglio Mille, encouraged by the money earning schemes, join the bidding for the desirable aglio bulbs.

AglioMania takes the public on an illusionary market frenzy. At the end of the exhibition, the highest bidder gets the desirable garlic bulb. Ultimately, the get rich garlic schemes are smashed as truck loads of garlic enter the green market.

Concept/direction Shu Lea Cheang
Graphic design Fabio Lapiana
Programming Roger Sennert
Production CIVITA SERVIZI S.r.l.
Server support Waag Society

Very special thanks to garlic farmers: BeBo (Pontecchio)